• Le Village by CA is a unique ecosystem where startups and large groups cooperate to innovate together. Present throughout France and abroad, this network contributes to the economic development and support of young innovative projects.

    Our core value focuses on the creation of wealth in our regions.

    We firmly believe that tomorrow’s economic drivers and champions of industry are created by the synergy of start-ups and local contributors to innovation.


    Our objective is to provide start-ups with the same opportunities for success, no matter where they are from in France. We also aim to promote and support entrepreneurship beyond our own borders, so that projects anchored in our regions can resonate around the world.

  • Apply to the next Village by CA's startups delegation

    CES 2020

    Event date : 7-10 January 2020

    Only 16 booth available - Up to August 31 to apply


    Prerequisites :

    • Being a Startup of Village by CA Network
    • Being a Tech Startup, product not yet marketed in January 2020, rather general public

    Once your application has been finalised, it will be submitted to a Village pre-selection and can only be validated if the CES organisers accept it on the basis of the information provided when you register on the CES website.


    Cost: 2000€HT/startup (including: stand, decoration, electricity/internet, preparation for the event, communication, networking party with partners and startups of the Village...). Excluding transport and accommodation.